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Feel more energised as the combination of percussion, warm air and negative ions penetrate aching muscles to provide relief

  • Taking the handheld massager one leap into the future is the OSIM iPamper. It comes with soothing Heat and rejuvenating Ions Therapy that delivers soothing relief to aching muscles.
  • Feel more energised as the combination of percussion, warm air and negative ions penetrate aching muscles to provide instant relief.

    Detailed Features
    and Specs

Deep Muscle Penetration
Its unique hammer head is carefully contoured such that it makes comfortable contact with your body curves.
The rocking tapping action is power-packed and penetrates deep into muscle tissues, providing instant relief from aches and fatigue.

Ergonomic design
The ergonomic design distributes weight to the hammer head so you get optimum massage effect with minimum effort.
Its long ergonomic grip-friendly handle make it easy to massage hard-to-reach places like your lower back.

Heat Therapy rejuvenates
When you use the Heat Therapy of the massager, warm air is circulated around the point of contact to encourage blood circulation. This improved circulation flushes away lactic acids and reduces muscle pain. This helps magnify the rejuvenating effects of the massage.

Energise with Negative Ion Therapy
The air around us in an urban setting is charged with excession positive ions which causes fatigue and irritation. By activating the Negative Ion Therapy, the massager charges the air around you with negative ions to energise you and promote a sense of well-being.

Exercise Companion
iPamper works well as an exercise companion.
Before Exercise
Use it to warm up muscles to provide better protection against injuries.
It also stimulates blood circulation and prepares the muscles for action.
After Exercise
It helps muscles recover from tension and fatigue more quickly. It also induces a reduction of built-up lactic acid.

Additional Features
» 2 different temperature settings to meet different massage needs. Use the Low setting first, followed by the High setting for a gradual warm up.
» Colour changing strips on percussion pads turns red gradually upon activation of warm air function.
» Concentric blue light indicator shows presence of negative ions
» Easy-to-use slide switch ('Lo-Off-Hi') allows easy control of the massage speed.

Input: AC220-240V, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 150W
Power Cord Length: approx. 2 metres
Weight: 1.55+/-1kg
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